Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Hi everyone!

I wanted to talk about my experience with breastfeeding. While I was pregnant I was constantly wondering about it. I wondered what it would actually be like, how hard it would be and what people would think if I didn't. One thing I did know is that I wanted to try as hard as I could for a long as I could. I have been breastfeeding for over a year now(crazy). It has honestly been quite an easy journey for me. Which I'm so thankful for because I know a lot of mamas have a hard time. I never struggled with milk supply, clogged ducts or anything like that.
The hardest part was the first few weeks. You don't know what your doing and neither does your baby so figuring that out was hard but satisfying.  I've loved every moment of it, though. To me, it was never a job. I actually enjoyed it. The feeling of knowing that you are nourishing a little human body with your own is incredible and so empowering. I drank SO much water and made sure to eat as healthy as possible. That helped me so much with my supply. Even when I wasn't hungry, I would still snack and make sure I was eating. I think that helped keep my metabolism going.

I still, 13 months in, have an appetite of a 40 year old man. I love the KaiMade milk cookies! They are a oatmeal based cookie that has really helped keep my supply up. My baby nursed every 2 hours on the dot until about 6 months old. Then, every 4 hours and didn't start eating solids til she was 9 months. She was HUGE. And has the rolls to prove it. Now that she's 1, she only nurses at night and for naps which I don't mind at all. I still haven't worked out but I've pretty much lost all the baby weight. Nursing definitely helped. Breastfeeding is very demanding and I could see why some mamas would wanna give up. But, it is the most amazing rewarding experience, ever. I have loved every second. I don't know how long Cruz will want to nurse for but I do know that it isn't going to last forever. I'm going to let her wean when she's ready.

Cruz, 1 day old. Best day ever. 7.7 oz.

4 months old. That belly tho!

7 months old. This is when I started introducing solids. I made all of my own baby foods. She was not interested. Preferred mamas milk haha.

ONE YEAR! She's about 25 lbs now. I love every inch of that cute chub squishy body!

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