Monday, February 10, 2014

Recent purchases/MOTD/Baby Sosa

 I've been working and working out like a mad woman. Sorry for the lack of posts. I've also been spending my free time buying shit I dont need and taking care of my pup that always seems to have issues. He had to go into emergency surgery because there was something in his stomach. 20 stitches and $1,700 later hes all better, just healing and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Heres some stuff i've bought over the past week or so.
Love the way these fit

I love Gap Fit's workout shirts. They're so comfy and soft. They are also long which I love because I have the longest torso ever. That's where the blue shirt above is from. 
Perfect size workout bag.

I needed more lounge stuff. I picked up this grey over sized pull over from Target and this VS pink zip up. I also picked up some VS grey leggings, black tshirt, and a Nike tshirt that aren't pictured.
Sephora gets me every time. Picked up D&G Intense (A-FUCKING-MAZING), Bite lip mask because I want my lips to be extra soft this summer, NARS creamy radiant concealer in Vanilla & a YSL lipstick in #1.

Essentials. 5 pairs of #35 lashes, Makeup wipes, Lingering brow pencil, Teddy eyeliner and a #217 brush.

NYX lipstick in Sugar Wafer.

New Joe's jeans. These were a good buy because I dont have any clean denim. All of my denim is destroyed.  
I have these in black & wanted the congac color. So comfy.
These are some of my fav look the past week. I'm usually running out the door but when I have time I try to take as many pics as I can. 

Baby sosa for you all.... 
My baby boy

Sat right on my bag LOL

Mamas boy for sure

xx, B