Sunday, January 5, 2014

Skin Care Routine

I've always struggled with my skin growing up. I was on Proactive for awhile when I was in my early teens and when that didn't work I went to a dermatologist and got prescribed Differin which was amazing for my skin. Definitely got worse before it got better but while I was using it I had amazing skin. After being on it for a year or two I decided I wanted to stop and let my skin do it's own thing. I didn't want to have to use Differin for the rest of my life to have pretty skin so I stopped. 

I've try tons and tons of skincare products. Everything from super high end to drugstore. The products I use always change but the for past few months this is what I've been using and i'm quite happy with it.

 My current face wash is MB Acne Facial Cleanser. I use this at night and in the morning. Three times a week I use it with my clarisonic. At night after I wash my face I use the MB Special Cleansing Lotion.
 After the MB toner I use 4 drops of the Keihls midnight recovery oil and pat that into my skin only at night. If i'm feeling super dry I'll use a night cream as well. I've been using the Origins Night-A-Mins.
My current eye cream is MB Ceramide herbal eye cream. I use this morning and night. My day cream is MAC's studio moisture cream.
 I use this MB drying lotion for spot treatment. I put it on all of my blemishes before I go to bed at night and by morning I notice a huge difference in size and redness. It dries everything up by morning. I swear by this.
Clean eating and drinking tons of water will also help your skin. I'm horrible at drinking water so I've been trying to drink a lot of coconut milk which is gross too. Drinking it with a straw is way easier for me because it just goes straight down! I like really radiant glowy skin so this what I use to achieve that, I also don't use any type of powder on my skin.

The other day I took baby sosa to the vet to get his ears checked out because they were getting super dirty and one is swollen. I also stopped by the mall to pick up a few things.
Shirt, F21. Jacket, F21. Jeans, Hudson. Bag, MK. Watch, MK. Bangles, Vince Camuto. Phone case, MK.
Picked up these over priced bangles.

My sister loves this so I decided to try it out. Loving it too so far.

The NAKED 3 is the love of my life right now. Def the best out of the three.
P.S. My all time fav lashes are MAC #35's. Words can not describe how amazing they are. They're usually always out of stock because all of us employees buy them all. Hard to get ahold of but if you do, they're the best out!

lots of love, 

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