Monday, December 23, 2013

Update/Current Favs

Meet the love of my life, Sosa.  He's the most perfect creature to ever walk this earth. He's an all white miniature english bull terrior! He loves to sleep and cuddle all day long. He's so attached to me. What more could you ask for?
He was 5lbs when I first got him. Tiny tiny boy. 
Oh and alllll of the lip products I have in my handbag are all nudes... my fav. 

 This sweet boy looks sooo small here! He's 35lbs now.

He loves to cuddle on anyone. Someone always has to be touching him for him to be satisfied. 

He is such an amazing first pup. He's so friendly and loving i'm obsessed with him. I also love the fact that he follows me around and just loves me so much! Bull terriors are so smart and amazing.

 Recently i've been focusing a lot on skin...Skin is the key to beautiful makeup! 

 My go-to dirty hair bun... This was during the summer time so my hair was fullly dark. 

 Skin skin skin!
I have really dry skin so I like my face to look radiant and youthful. I use a variety of different products to achieve my daily dewy skin. 

 My favorite dark lip this season is Current liner and Diva lipstick. Both by MAC. 

 My favorite nude lip combo this season is Myth lipstick by MAC and Boxums lipgloss in White Russian. So pretty. 

 I try to snap makeup selfies on the daily so I can eventually show you guys. I'm usually running late so that doesnt always happen butttt, I try. 

aaaand this is my current hair. I've slowly but surely been lightening it. I wanted to do it slowly so that it would stay long and I wouldnt have to chop it off due to damage. I've done a pretty good job but I do use alot of products daily to keep it as healthy as possible. 

 I've been wearing the shit out of these Steve Madden Troopa boots! I think I already need another pair. They're already super scuffed up and turning brown. They're so good for everyday work. Super comfortable and go with everything. I think they were super cheap too... $99? 

Picked up these suede Calvin Kleine Knee Highs the other day... I'm not sure how much I like them tho. They're super comfortable and the color is beautiful. But since they're suede I feel like they are going to get ruined super fast. I believe I payed around $130 for these? Let me know if you guys think I should keep them. 

This is also the first year i'm not going to Kauai to spend the holidays with my family. I'm super bummed about it but I have baby sosa to keep me busy. Hope all of you guys are blessed with an amazing christmas and get everything you guys wished for! 

xx, B 

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