Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Shopping

I made a quick trip to Ulta on Christmas eve because I had 20% your whole purchase. So I got some essential skincare items that I swear by, a dry shampoo (because I wash my hair twice a week) and some q-tips. 
Almost my whole skin care routine is now Mario Badescu. His products just seem to work best for my skin. I always get the cheapest dry shampoo because I go through a bottle a week. 
 The day after Christmas I went and picked up a new pair of black Hudson's, the Kiehls midnight recovery oil, a new MK bag and a few other things. I went to the mall thinking I was about to get some killer deals and I ended up buying everything full price. 

Hudsons are some of my favorite jeans! They're super comfy, flattering and last a long time. 

I got a sample of this to try last week and absolutely loved it so I had to buy the full size bottle. I use this every night after my toner before my night cream.
I wanted a smaller everyday bag. One that was good quality, not black and something that went with everything. I chose this MK one. I like it because the leather is really soft, it has so many hidden pockets and it has a tassel!
It also has a place on the inside where I can attach my keys. Since my car is a push to start and I dont even need my keys out to unlock or lock my car its really convenient to not have to go digging for keys. The only downside about this bag is I had to switch sunglasses. My new D&G's have a huge case and its a little tight in there when i'm wearing those. So, I'm back to wearing my Ray Bans til I find a smaller case for them.

I picked this color mainly because it looked good w my hair. LOL.

This is what it looks like on. Its the perfect size.
Been obsessed with these high waisted Nasty Gal jeans.
I recieved the Naked 3 for Christmas which i'm stoked about. It's definitely my favorite out of them all. All of the colors are so wearable and amaaaazing. I'm quite happy with it.  Not to mention it comes with a super good quality brush. Go UD!

Wearing all Naked 3 colors.
 My mom got me the cutest 2014 planner. It's small enough to fit in my bag and has enough space to write what I need inside. She always gets me the cutest personalized things. Its my fav!

 I plan on slowly going lighter and lighter... I eventually want my hair color to look like this. So pretty. I'm going to do it slowly so that I can keep my hair long and so I dont fry it off. 

 For the new year I'm going to try to eat better, drink less soda, and not be a makeup hoarder. I'm also going to try to make more time for myself. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families and got everything you hoped for! 
I have a major shopping problem so my next post will probably be about more things I bought. 

xx, b

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