Saturday, January 19, 2013


 While on Kauai for winter break I got my nails done by not only my favorite person in the world, but the only person who can do my nails the way I like them..... Bree! She's so fab. You all know my love for her.

Wearing OPI gel color.

Same manicure!

I ended up hating this color and changing it the next day. I don't even remember the name.
OPI: Monsooner or Later
Revlon: Pure Cashmere
 On my days off or when I'm traveling I like to keep my makeup very basic unless I have an event I'm going to.

Clean dinner party makeup.

I'm very boring w my makeup unless i'm at work.
Lash extentions!
Bree rocking a berry lip! Gorg.

Dinner party outfit. Top & Jeans, Jeans wear house. Shoes, Aldo. Watch, MK.

I've been working out and dieting like a mad woman! No days off, even twice a day. So... that being said, i've been living in gym clothes and being a bum this semester.

I've also been trying to grow my hair out. So I haven't been using any heat on it, and i've been taking biotin. Its been working and my hair feels so healthy. I've been wearing it up and messy most days.

Loving this beanie from Asos. This is my air dried ugly straight as fuck hair.

Jacket, F21. Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Jeans, H&M. Boots, Forever Young. Beanie, Asos. Watch, MK. Necklace, Bungalo 9.
 Hope you enjoyed lovebugs!

xx, B

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfits/Recent Purchases

I've been so MIA, I know I know. I've been spending time with my family, traveling, working and super busy with school this semester. I've been trying to take outfit pictures as much as I remember.

Enjoy, beauties!

Bag, Rebecca Minkoff. Shirt, Cotton On. Skirt, Jeans Wear House. Flipflops, Havaianas. Head piece, Me. Watch, MK.

Leggings, Lulu's. Tank, H&M. Sweater, American Apperal.

I cut my hair over winter break! aaahhhhh

Jacket, F21. Shirt, VS. Jeggings, Joes. Boots, Zappos. Watch, MK.

Jeggings, Guess. Flipflops, Havaianas. Shirt, Asos. Watch, MK.

Boots, Aldo. Jeans, A&E. Shirt, American Apperal. Necklace, Asos. Watch, MK.

Boots, Chinese Laundry. Jeans, Macy's. Shirt, F21. Blazer F21. Watch MK. 

Beanie, Neff. Jeggings, Joes. Jacket, F21. Shirt, A&E. Glasses, Aldo. Watch, MK.

Skirt, Jeans Wear House. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff. Jacket, F21. Watch, MK.

Boots, Forever Young. Jeans, Pac Sun. Shirt, VS. Scarf, Nordstroms. Jacketm Bohme. Watch, MK.
Uhhhhhh.... Stayed at my boyfriends and ended up rocking one of his shirts the next morning. It was actually kinda dope. I mean.... I not dope enough to wear all day, just enough to drive home.
 I've picked up a few things recently....

New bag from Top Shop. OBSESSED.

Zara pants.
Zara Jeans

Zara Jeans.

Boring workout clothes. F21.

TopShop Necklace.

Lavender sports bra! F21.

Guess boots.

New fav shirt! F21.

New Chanel and Juicy Perfume.

Lace Maxi Skirt. From Jeans Wear House.

Joes Jeggings. Corduroy Levis.

Best Benefit Bronzer.

Blue, Asos. Black, F21. Navy, Neff. Grey, BLVD.

Seche Vite. Best base and top coat.

Been loving foundation so much...

Hope you guys are all well.....

xx, B