Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Style Icons: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are some of, if not the, most fashionable girls in the world. Everything from their radiant skin to their unique sense of style. I've been more than obsessed with these girls since I was a little girl. 

They're so envious and I love everything about them. They carry themselves in such a classy admirable way. Day to day, they carry a bohemian feel to their look. Pretty makeup mainly focused on their skin, and messy hair is two of their staple looks.

A lot of their looks are very different, some people aren't big fans. I personally, love how they're different from every other celebrity. They don't focus on the media and what they think. 

Their style is very personal and they focus on what they like. 

I love how they are in sunglasses most of the time. I think it gives a mysterious look to all outfits. It's also an accessory that makes your outfit ten times better in my eyes. I love sunglasses. Whether it's sunny or not outside I think it's an accessory you should never forget.

I love how they pile up their accessories.

She rocked this turban perfectly. She has it paired with Ray Ban glasses and a Givenchy Bag.
Causal tee, destroyed shorts and classic black heels. LOVE.

All black & Silky hair!

Simple classic outfit.

I absolutely love their makeup. I love how their focus is always their skin. That's the basic foundation to all beauty looks. Theirs is always dewy and glowing.

Love the red lip.

Possibly my fav outfit.

The jewelry!

Simple and cute!

Love the red lips, messy hair and stacked jewelry.
They're everything. I can't even deal.

xx, B

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