Monday, December 10, 2012


As soon as I got to Seattle I met up with my Aunt, we went to dinner and caught up. We ate Oysters, Hummus and clams. Some of my favorite things in life!

 I wore a maxi skirt on the plane so when I landed I quickly threw on this white blazer and black riding pants, and rocked my natural air dried hair. The weather in Seattle was super gloomy and rainy. 

Blazer, F21. Tank, Wet Seal. Pants, Guess.
I woke up to this beautiful view. I also got to do my makeup while overlooking the city. It was wide enough for me to sit and enjoy a coffee while I got ready in the mornings.

I wore this outfit Friday, to the weighins, to a signing with Brendan, and to dinner with Brendan, Lex, and the two sponsor winners for one of Brendans sponsors.

Sweater, Macy's. Jeans, A&E. Boots, Charlotte Russe. Bag, RM. Watch, MK.

The two sponsor winners were flown out to watch Brendan fight, but unfortunately Brendan's opponent got injured a week before the fight.

So, instead we went to dinner with them and Brendan gave them a tour of the octagon and backstage.

Saturday we did the tour of the octagon and it was a mellow day. I wore a maxi skirt and a jacket. Then, we went back to get ready for the fights. 
Skirt, Bohme. Tank, Wet Seal. Jacket, F21. Bag, RM. Watch, MK.

To the fight, I wore a long sleeve turtleneck dress and black & white striped wedges. 

Dress, Asos. Wedges, Asos. Bag, RM. Watch, MK.
Asos Wedges.

The Rory vs. BJ fight was incredible! Big win for Rory.

 The Crew. Went to the fights with Brendan Schaub, MC Hammer, Charles Rosa & Reed.

Press after the fights. 

After press we went to Rory's celebration dinner and after party. 
Charles & I at Rory's celebration dinner.
 Sunday I got to sleep in and go get sushi because I've been craving good sushi since I left home for college. It was amazing.

I was in a rush to catch my flight so I didn't have time to shop but I picked up a few things...

F21 studded leather vest.

F21 booties. Can you say EVERYTHING.

Black Joe's Jeans Jeggings.  

A coin purse that I turned into my key chain. From F21.

xx, B

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