Friday, November 30, 2012

MAC outfits, Recent Purchases, Loves!

As a makeup artist I like to be able to have relatable makeup looks. Especially in Utah where people aren't really big on the art of makeup. The MAC makeup counter here isn't not like the ones you see in other states. It's more of a natural counter then a extreme makeup counter.

We still like to have fun, but we like to keep it more pretty then crazy. I try to take natural up a notch also as well because while I'm trying to have a not so dramatic face, it still needs to be something people think is different as unique as well.

I probably have the best job, ever. I get to make people feel better about themselves. I love that I can change someones day by making them feel pretty or confident.

I went for a natural face and dramatic eye. My usual focal point is always skin. 

I opted for a glossy instead of matte lip. It gives your lips a fuller effect if just applied in the middle.

I wore crazy huge lashes with this look so I went for a cranberry crease & a nude lip.

I tried to focus mainly on my bottom lash line. I took the color a lot farther down then normal.

I loved this look! I use a purple shadow to create dimention without over doing it.

My favorite hand accessory. 

I have to wear all black to work. I love wearing black in general so this wasn't a very hard transition for me. I thought I'd show you guys how to wear all black.

Black looks great with lots of different textures. Sometimes, I love wearing different color blacks, too. It gives people more to look at then just a plain all black outfit, with no dimentions.

 I'm wearing a plain black maxi skirt, a laced bandeau top, and a leather vest. 
I love all of the different textures in this look.

 This sheer top with the little train on the back is perfect. I love everything about it. I paired it with high waited black skinnies and military boots. 

These are so comfortable and easy to wear with anything.

 I wore a tight black t-shirt, with faded black jeans and leather over the knee boots. 
Simple but chic.

 My favorite skirt ever. This one has slits in the front. It gives it a little more spunk. 
I tucked in a plain black shirt.

 I took a plain over sized black tee and tied the front a into a knot so it was a little more fitting, and let it hang off my shoulder. 
I paired it with leggings and boots. 

Lately, I've been obsessing over light nails. Something about the fresh clean looks always draws my attention. I love that they will match and go with anything you wear. Whether it's light pink, nude, or even white. I love the way a fresh clean manicure looks with those colors. 

I've been loving ESSIE: Topless and Barefoot. I have probably been looking for this color for about a year and it is so hard to find but I finally got my hands on it. It's beautiful. If you can find this color I totally recommend it for any skin color. 

ESSIE: Topless and Barefoot

Also, ESSIE: A Crewed Interest.  In the same nude family but has slight pink and orange undertones. Something suttle but not too pink. I LOVE.

ESSIE: A crewed Interest
My black leather jacket is really out of control. I decided to pick up this purple one the other day from Forever 21 because I needed some color in my life. This is the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

 I love colored jackets with all black/neutral oufits. It evens it out, perfectly.

 I love all of the small detailing on this jacket. The lining on the neckline and the shoulders is perfect. Also, the cut of this jacket is so nice. The way they cut the zipper makes the jacket open so nicely. 

 Fresh face makeup is so in for fall right now, along with dark lips. I opted to go with natural makeup for Thanksgiving due to the fact I'd be eating so I didn't want to have to worry about my lipstick if I decided to go with a dark lip.

Seen on so many celebrities this year is this makeup look, mostly know as "no makeup" makeup look. Very suttle makeup, more concentrated on contouring natural areas of your face and focusing on better looking skin.

I threw on some comfortable red jeans and a loose black blouse for Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to keep it festive so that's why I chose red. Also wanted to keep it comfortable and casual. I thought this was the perfect combo for thanksgiving.

I threw my hair up so that it was out of my face and I really focused on my skin for my makeup. I kept everything else very light.

My all-time favorite accessory has got to be my Michael Kors watches. I wear my Gold one every single day. I can't go a day with out it. It's the best investment, ever!

I totally got my moneys worth because I wear it everyday and get so many compliments on it.

hope you're all well! 

xx, B 


  1. I love your make up!!
    what kind of lashes are you wearing in the cranberry look ?:)

    1. Thanks lady!
      I'm wearing MAC lashes in #44.

  2. I love your makeup in the photo with the bandeau top! what lipstick are you wearing?
    xoxo zoey alice

    1. Thanks my love! I'm wearing Cyber by MAC xxx