Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celeb Inspo! Demi Lovato, Kim K, LC, Rihanna, & Nicole Richie

I'm a huge fan of anything black, 'thrown together' chic outfits, and messy hair. Lauren Conrad always has more of a polished look which look great on her, but I found a few pictures of her that fit more of my style.

 LOVE this hair !

 Those glasses.......What was she thinking? 
Not a fan. 

 liking the lighter hair! 

 All black! Even for working out. 

 Comfy thrown together outfit! 

Im loving messy hair this fall! This picture makes me love it even more.

 love this beanie! 

 Everything about this is amazing! Makeup and bun! 

 Her nails! Perfection. 

 Weird. BUT i love something about this outfit. I would totally rock this. 

 Sweats and heals! 

 Ombre on point! 

 But I love her BLONDE! 

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