Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top Knots and Natural Makeup

Back to school time! And I dont know about you guys but I love sleeping in. Even though I only have Tuesday/Thursday classes I still have the hardest time getting up. Which means less time to get ready. I'm loving the Top Knot messy bun look with natual dewy makeup. So easy and quick in the morning when you're tired and not feelin' it.
Here's celeb inspiration.

Fave top knot!  

Love this one too!

Whitney Eve is the queen of fresh face makeup! and her style is to die. 

 Love her hair here!

 Perfect makeup!

Try it yourself!

 Apply any BB cream. MAC 130 brush.

Under eye roller. Patted this in with my finger.

 Cream bronzer. I used this to contour!

Any light pink blush.


 I appied both with a MAC 116 brush. 

 Elf brow kit. Honestly better than my Anastasia brow powder!

Lightly smudged this brown liner on my upper lash line.

 Applied black mascara.

 Finished by spraying Charged water on my face to stay moisted. 
Skip this step if you already have oily skin.
(I have dry skin)

I skipped all lip products and just applied a moisterizing chap stick.

(with flash) 

Top Knot Time! 

 Back comb all of your hair for a more messy look.

 Pull back into a pony and back comb the roots of the pony. 

 Wrap around and bobby pin!


  1. My FAV look! I would love for you to do a youtube tutorial on this!!

    1. I love this too! Was this hard to understand, girl? I did this INSTEAD of a YT video! LOL Let me know if you still want one.

  2. It'd just be fun to see you do it and show us other variations of natural/glow looks ;)