Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recent Purchases/Outfits

Jacket, Bohme. Shirt, A&E. Leggings, Made by ME. Watch, MK. Necklace, Bungalo 9. 
 Finally found the most perfect orange leather jacket! 

 New night creme. 

 New diamond earrings! 

 Black Maxi skirt! 

 Basic Tee's. 

 Louis Bag Swag LOL! 

 Maxi Dress, American Apperal. Sweater, H&M. Watch, MK. Glasses, Aldo. 

Someone asked for a picture with my new glasses on! My eyes are closed becuase I had contacts in also. 

 Simple Outfit. 
American Apperal Maxi. 

 MK watch.

 Bungalo 9 Necklace. 

I'm getting use to my dark hair! 

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