Monday, September 10, 2012

MAC products, New Prada's, Stiletto Nails

I have a drawer full of limited edition MAC products. I finally went through them today. I snapped some pitures of stuff I liked. I dont think any of these products are still selling at the MAC counters but I could be wrong. Don't quote me.

 Lip and Cheek Color: Lazy Sunday 

 Eye Shadow Duo: Marche Aux Puces

 Lip Stick: Cut a Caper
 Lip Stick: Saigon Summer 
 Beauty Powder: Too Chic
 Cremesheen Glass: Double Happiness
Pro Lipgloss Palette. 

 Cremesheen Glass: Celestial Kiss 
 Blush: Hidden Treasure

 Mattene Lipstick: Eden Rouge

 Lip Glass: Bait 

 Lip Stick: Coral Bliss

 Zoom Lash: Plum Reserve 
 Nail Polish: Near Beth Experience 
 Nail Polish: Style Seeker 
 Mattene Lipstick: Camden Chic
 Lip Stick: Red Racer 

Ruffian Manicure Nails by MAC. How sick!

I also picked up some scents for my car. I love fall/autumn and all the stuff at Bath and Body works.

And my Prada glasses came! 

And I got Stiletto nails! 

ALSO, I have a "What's in my LV bag?" video up on my youtube channel if you guys wanna check it out. 
YouTube: missbaileyvalente 

xx, B

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