Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Glasses, Piercings, Shoes

I've had the same Chanel reading glasses for about a year now. My little sister stepped on them a few days ago and now they're all bent and awkward. I was already thinking of getting a new pair because my Chanels were a bit too small for my face, I still loved them though. So this was a perfect opportunity for me to get a new pair. I went and looked at glasses today and found the perfect pair! They're actually sunglasses but the associate told me she would be able to put clear lenses in them to make them reading glasses for me. I'm SO excited to get them in. In totally it came to about $650 which is more expensive than my Chanels but totally worth it. 

I'm getting my Chanels fixed too. 
These are style number 3157 but I believe they're all sold out.

I took this picture today! These are my new ones. They're by Prada. I'm actually getting them in Black instead of this color. I love them so much. They fit my face perfectly. 
I also love how huge they are! These are style number 10OS.

Yesterday I got inspired by Kylie Jenner and got 4 piercings on my ear! 

I have a few piercings like, my neck, two in my belly button, my nose and i've had my lip done too! This was so painful, worse than all of them.... besides my nose. That was the worst. Now i'm thinking maybe I shouldnt have done all 4 at one time because now I can't sleep on my right side but I think it looks awesome so whatev. 

I also picked up the sickest shoes! 

 ....and pants! How dope are these snake skin skinnies?!?!?!

 and a new leather! This one is so different. I needed it.

LOVING this peter thomas roth body lotion.

 Revlon: Indigo Night 

 Revlon: Flirt

I picked up this Super Stay Stain Gloss by Maybelline in the color Pink Plush. I can't decide if I like it or not. 

I also picked up the BB cream by maybelline. I thought I would like it but it made my skin very oily and I have dry skin so it was weird. It doesnt have alot of coverage and I wouldnt purchase it again.

I'm thinking about selling my Versace's. I've only worn them twice! I just have so many pairs of sunglasses and these just never get any use. I have the original box and everything. Let me know if you're interested. 
They're in the best shape. No scratches, nothing. The model number is 4179.

 They're selling in stores now for $190, which is what I paid for them. 

Instagram: @baileyvalente
Email me if anyone is interested in my Versace's.

xx, B

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