Monday, July 16, 2012

Recent pick ups

Picked up some goodies at MAC! I rarely buy MAC products but i'm at my parents house in hawaii for the summer so I'm not getting any products that come to my house in Nevada.

This is what the foundation looks like, Its super matte! I only picked up this foundation because I wanted to try something new. I have every MAC foundation but this one so I though i'd try it. Liking it so far, but i only wore it today. 

 I got NC 25, but i'm thinking its too light. I might go get one shade darker.

 Love this brush for applying foundation! Its perfect. 

 Picked up Ruby Woo and Freckle Tone.
Myth and Creme d' nude aren't new but they look AMAZEBALLS with Freckle tone that's why I added them!
 I'm wearing Creme d' nude with Freckle tone over, and Underage lipglass on top!

Bree and I messing around this morning. 
 I also picked these up today! These are the Cement 4's.... I think. They're a half size to big so I dont know if i'm going to keep them. BUT I really like them so i dont know.

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