Saturday, July 14, 2012

My week

Two of my favorite things in life, my sister and coffee. 

I painted my nails this the other day, took it off the next day cause i wasnt really a fan. Its by ESSIE and its called Merino Cool.

 Jeans, Levi's. Flip flops, Havaianas. Bag, CR. Tank, H&M. Sweater, F21. Sunnies, D&G. Watch, MK.

 Before a family BBQ me and my sister had to go to. 
 Bree is wearing a jacket she got thrifting, MK watch, Hobo clutch, American Appearl V-neck.
I'm wearing a F21 jacket, White BCBG tank, Black leggings Bree got at Costco (LOVE THEM), and same CR bag, MK watch. 

Same outfit. 

Just painted my nails this! Fiji by ESSIE.

Hope you guys are having a fab weekend, xx B


  1. What kind of Top and base coat do you use? :)

    1. I'm using Clear Bond base coat and Revlon Quick Dry top coat. I always use quick dry top coats. And I always switch my base and top coat up!