Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OOTD & Pursebuzz

I had an amazing opportunity to interview Elessa form PurseBuzz! Shes such a sweet heart and I strongly encourage you to view ! She's also a YouTube Guru ( ) and has amazing tip and tricks. Here is one of her videos you guys might want to watch, considering summer is coming up ;)

1. When filming videos do you have an organized process for the kinds of videos you post or do you just film whatever comes to mind?

Every Tip Thursday is planned months in advance unless something new comes up then I shuffle stuff around. The rest is planned about a week in advance.

2. When you first started did you ever think that your channel would get so huge? Was their ever a moment when you looked at the number of subscribers and couldn't believe it? If so, what was that number?

Thanks for thinking it is huge. I actually feel very fortunate to be able to be called a pioneer as a video artist. I started when youtube was still new and so I wasn't really sure where I would be. I just knew I wanted to upload videos and share my knowledge with who ever would watch. Yes the first video I uploaded had about 48 views the first day and I was soo excited. I couldn't believe how many people watched my video.

3. How long does it take you to go through the whole process of making a video? From inspiration to editing.

It takes me about 5-8 hours to film and edit a video. If I include inspriation then I'd say about a full day.

4. Do you feel like you need to respond to comments and emails to keep the loyalty of your subscribers? If so, is it stressful?
I respond when possible. Sometimes its something I have said in the video so I let my other viewers reply for me.
5. I'd love to know what your 3 fav products are right now!

1) Zoya new Summer polishes <3 LOVE THEM 2) Sultra Bombshell Iron ..amazing 3) Eve Pearl Black Pearl Eyeliner And lastly, Do you have any tips for a new YouTuber that's just getting started?! Do the videos because you love to. Be consistent and post regularly so your viewers don't forget about you :)

Here's an outfit:
Jacket, F21. Shirt, New York & co. Leggings, F21. Boots, Famous Footwear. Scarf, Unknown.


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