Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cure for Cuticules

Cuticles are something that needs to be treated like your favorite J Brand skinnies, your patent leather loubs, or your jumbo caviar Chanel. They make your whole hand. I mean, if you have nice hands with rubbish cuticules, you don't have nice hands anymore. Nice, soft, moisterized cuticules will not only make your hands look like they're Kim K's or Erika V's but they might just be that one thing that wins over your mans heart. Guys would much rather be seen with a girl with clean polish, soft hands, and amazing cuticules. Well polished nails, or hands are much easier to succeed in if your cuticules aren't in the way, or if you have bloody hang nails.

How to get Perfect Cuticules:
1. NEVER EVER, FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, cut them. They are there for reasons and they are not meant to be cut off. Every time I get manicures(Rare) I always tell them not to cut my cuticules. They will if you don't tell them not too. And, while they might look nice when you walk out of the salon, they won't when all of the lotion they put on your hands isn't there anymore.

2. Every time you put lotion on your hands, massage it into your cuticules pushing them back into your fingers. This will give them the extra moisture they need.

3. When painting your nails, soak your hands in hot water before messing with your cuticules. This will make them soft and easier to push back. Apply your favorite lotion before painting your nails. Mine is, Shea Cashmere hand creme from Bath and body works.

4. Last, and best. Solar Oil. This will do magic for you. Ive been using it for years and it has yet to fail on me. Apply this to your cuticules through out the day and after a fresh manicure.

P.S. Don't forget your toes!